Lindi Landman

Lindi Landman is the new Editor that has replaced Carol Knoll on Footprint Limited. She is passionate about environmental management and a very hands on editor.

Lindi has great strengths with the online and marketing side of magazines.

Charmaine Upton
(1990 - 2016)

Char Upton is a well-known and highly respected South African publisher for the last 25 years. She is an astute business woman and is loyal to her staff and clients alike.

Brenda Visser
Sales Executive

Brenda has been a sales manager for many years and her friendly and helpful disposition endears her to all the clients

Glenda Wright
Admin Manager
(1993 - 2016)

Glenda is the Admin Manager on the magazine and is friendly and helpful to all the clients

Gerda Cotty

Gerda is our idea and design maestro. Gerda is an experienced designer who assists clients to bring the best message through their advertising