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Why should you consider Footprint Limited Magazine

Individual articles published in the journal will cover, amongst other subjects:

• environmental law reports;
• environmental impact assessments;
• public participation;
• corporate social investment;
• environmental certification;
• rehabilitation/restoration of grasslands, wetlands & forests in areas disturbed by construction, mining, quarrying, agriculture, etc;
• control of invasive alien species;
• conservation of pristine (unspoilt) areas and protection of ecosystems;
• ecological landscaping / habitat creation;
• propagation of indigenous plants;
• tree preservation;
• conservation of urban open space; urban agriculture;
• recycling of wastewater;
• efficient use of water for irrigation – water wise principles;
• erosion control;
• soil remediation;
• energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy;
• climate change and carbon trading;
• air quality management – dust and pollution control;
• waste minimisation and cleaner production;
• recycling and reuse of ‘waste’ products;
• recyclable and biodegradable packaging;
• green buildings;
• environmental management of resorts, hotels, parks, schools, golf courses, shopping centres and housing and industrial estates;
• ecotourism.

Distribution Lists for Footprint Limited

A bimonthly journal distributed throughout South Africa with a circulation of over 3000 printed copies to:

• government departments
• property owners and developers
• NGOs
• managers of protected areas
• golf course and estate managers
• hotels and resorts
• environmental officers on mines
• environmental consultants
• environmental lawyers
• architects
• engineers
• landscape architects
• landscape contractors
• nurseries
• irrigation professionals
• suppliers of green products and services
• waste managers and recyclers
• erosion control specialists
• universities, technikons and schools

Important Information for Advertisers

Footprint Limited is a bimonthly journal distributed throughout SA.

All rates are quoted in South African Rand.

Reproduction Information

Adverts sent electronically: Adverts to be supplied as complete, composite, press­ optimised PDF/X1-a files. They must contain all relevant elements such as fonts, hi-res scans, logo's, etc. Eps graphics to be embedded in the file. All material supplied must be CMYK, have crop marks and Smm bleed all around. RGB files not accepted. The creator of the file assumes full responsibility for the validity of the transmitted PDF/X1-a file.

Digital photographs: Please set to maximum pixilation; anything less than 300 dpi is not suitable for reproduction.

Picture quality: Formats required: Tiff, Eps or Jpeg without compression. No Bitmap, Pict or giff files will be accepted. All images must be supplied at 300dpi with a canvas size of no less than 1OOmm x 1OOmm. Where possible, please supply a colour transparency or a glossy print (no colour lasers) for scanning.

Contact Details

Tel: 011 794 5490
Cell: 082 871 4184
Tel: 011 792 5005
Cell: 082 491 3881
Tel: 011 794 5490
Cell: 083 275 3350
Tel: 011 794 1225 
Cell: 073 101 0979
Champagne Media (Pty)Ltd
Tel: 011 794 5490
Cell: 083 255 3635